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November 20, 2012

Each year we arrange for our graduate students and postdocs in our COPFF Network to participate in faculty mentorships on partner campuses. COPFFN Fellows are not funded, but any interested graduate student or postdoc may apply to have a mentorship with a faculty member on another campus in the COPFF Network. Faculty members review the Fellows' CVs and select those with whom they would like to work.

COPFFN mentorships give future faculty in-depth exposure to the varying emphases placed on teaching, research, and service at a wide variety of post secondary institutions, as well as helping them acquire and hone pedagogical, administrative, and interpersonal skills before entering the job market. COPFFN Fellows learn by observation and shadowing activities. They may also assist their mentor through: research, guest lecturing, grading, collaborating on projects, grant proposals, syllabus/project design, software development, by advising others on the career opportunities available in the discipline, and/or by presenting professional colloquia to an academic and/or professional audience.

COPFFN Fellows may count their mentorship experience toward the Professional Development Certificate offered by the Graduate Teacher Program.

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