Preparing Future Professionals in coordination with Career Services

November 19, 2012

The PFP project parallels our PFF project, but places graduate students in internship sites off campus.

A master’s or doctoral level students decide they don’t want to pursue an academic
career. For those considering a career in business, government, industry, or the nonprofit sector, we
provide activities to help them explore options.  Our Preparing Future Professionals (PFP)
activities are designed to help current graduate students translate preparation for teaching into
preparation for management and leadership.

Companies like to hire graduate level professionals who can demonstrate higher level
organizational skills and who have shown an investment in their own professional development.  
Through an on-site internship at a personally selected site, participants have the opportunity
to develop and engage in collegial relationships with leaders in the private or nonprofit sectors.
Interns acquire leadership, communication, organizational, entrepreneurial, and interpersonal
skills. For example, an anthropology student might do an internship with a technology company
or an art student might do an internship with a city government office.  The Graduate Teacher
Program collaborates with Graduate Student Career Programs in the Career Services office to
place students in appropriate sites and administer  the Professional Development Certificate for
Business, Government, Industry, and the Arts

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