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Within the video consultation service, the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program offers a number of individual and confidential services to faculty. Upon request, FTEP offers the following services:

Classroom Observation
An FTEP Faculty Associate will observe a class session to assess which areas of a faculty member’s teaching are strong and which might be improved.  At a later date, the faculty member will meet with the associate to discuss the observation.  This service is usually accompanied by a videotape of the session.

Classroom Videotaping
An FTEP representative will videotape an entire class session.  The professor will view the tape in a personal and fully confidential consultation with an FTEP Faculty Associate. Faculty who have participated in this service attest that the ensuing discussion has helped them to recognize and validate the strengths in their teaching, identify the learning environment created in their course, and discuss strategies for change in areas that they wish to improve.

Survey of Good Teaching Characteristics
This 35-item survey asks students to evaluate a faculty member’s teaching in four dimensions identified from research as areas of good teaching:  clarity and organization, knowledge of content, dynamism and enthusiasm, and rapport with students individually and as a group.  Requiring only 10 minutes of class time, the survey can be administered as part of a mid-semester evaluation or at any time when feedback from students is desired.  It may be administered on its own or in conjunction with a classroom observation or a videotape consultation.  After the survey has been tabulated, an FTEP Faculty Associate will meet with the faculty member to discuss the results in detail.

These individual services provided to faculty are confidential.


Fall semester: FTEP cannot accept requests for CLIPS and Videotape Consultation Services after the second week of November 2014.


Spring semester: FTEP cannnot accept requests for CLIPS and Videotape Consultation Services after 3/20/2015.


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