Early Career Faculty Program


Extensive interviews with assistant professors at universities similar to the University of Colorado indicate that successful faculty tend to, early on, develop a relaxed, confident teaching method and create social networks with colleagues both inside and outside their disciplines (see Robert Boice, 1992. The New Faculty Member, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass).   CU’s Early Career Faculty Program is designed to assist in one's professional development in teaching, in student learning, and in career decisions for those who are new to and/or are early in their careers in the professoriate. 

The program engages faculty directors from each college and school, or, in the case of the College of Arts and Sciences, from the three divisions: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. The directors provide informal and formal occasions for faculty to enjoy one another’s company both socially and intellectually. They also support faculty in fulfilling the numerous responsibilities of academic life:  for example, integrating research and teaching, developing effective curricula, stating goals for student learning, and assessing which of the goals their students have met.

The program proceeds from the belief that the best professors are not “born teachers” but rather those who have established an effective repertoire of teaching strategies that fit their personalities, their disciplines, and their students’ learning in the discipline. 

Below is a list of faculty directors, all of whom have been chosen for their distinguished teaching, research, and leadership in the CU-Boulder academic community:


Professor Nichole Barger

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Arts and Humanities
Associate Professor Kirk Ambrose

Art and Art History


Social Sciences
Professor Jennifer Fitzgerald
Political Science

Associate Professor Rebecca Maloy
College of Music


Senior Associate Dean Chris Leach

Leeds School of Business


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