Compendium of Good Ideas on Teaching & Learning

The Compendium of Good Ideas on Teaching and Learning has been developed from interviews with teachers on the Boulder campus who have been cited for excellence in the classroom and contains 113 practical teaching tips. To assist faculty in keeping up with developments in the field of teaching, the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program sifts through the mass of articles written on instructional methods and distributes copies of the best to all tenured faculty. Appearing four to five times each semester, this series is entitled Memo to the Faculty.

This is a collection of 180 concrete teaching tips designed to be useful for any college teacher.

Download the PDF

The work of the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program is heavily dependent on research on teaching. In order to improve teaching, the program both monitors work being done at other universities and conducts its own research on classroom teaching. Packets containing a selection of the best research articles on specific aspects of teaching are available free of charge from the FTEP upon request.

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