Rolf Norgaard

Program for Writing and Rhetoric

Portfolios on D2L for Honors First-Year Writing and Rhetoric course (and beyond)

Framing the Idea

Several core concepts motivate my idea:

–“Seeing oneself as a writer” as a threshold concept

–“Going public” as a moment of agency for a writer

–Connecting discrete learning or assignments into a larger whole

–Tapping into personal motivation

The Idea in Brief

Following a brief introduction to portfolios at the very beginning of the course, have students create a portfolio hosted on D2L (but portable anywhere).

(I was not aware that D2L had a portfolio option, or that student could move their portfolio beyond D2L.)

Implementation of Idea

The portfolio would be an explicit moment of synthesis in the course, and would be developed in the final 7-14 days of the semester.  The portfolio would include six items:

–Introduction/reflection to portfolio


–Final project in my course

–One of several shorter papers from my course

–At least one artifact from another course

–At least one artifact from an extracurricular, service, or creative activity

The broader goal is to have students begin to develop a portfolio that they can add to or adjust throughout their undergraduate career.

I will be seeking technical advice from Aisha Jackson regarding D2L capabilities.

One of my shorter writing assignments may need to be sacrificed to accommodate this idea.

The Idea in the Context of PWR

–The PWR has piloted some efforts in portfolio assessment, but platform issues have been one of several stumbling blocks. 

–These efforts have also been focused on writing and program assessment, and not on the personal agency that can come from portfolio construction. 

–Because D2L is portable with regard to portfolios, it might offer a good tool, and a bridge between personal value for the student and programmatic assessment for the PWR. 

–My efforts can dovetail with PWR efforts and campus-wide interest in student portfolios.


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