Meredith Banasiak

Architecture and Planning

Course: Human Behavior in Design & Planning
Enrollment: 100 – 150 1st year students

Project: A psychogeographic mapping of the city

Current Delivery Method: Photo manipulations and written reflection collated into a single pdf document. PDF is submitted through the course “Dropbox”. Assignment dropbox has a linked grade rubric.

Proposed Delivery Method: Photo manipulations, text, audio recordings and video can be placed into an eportfolio “presentation” (read “website”). This allows for the integration of mixed media, and reflections can be more directly associated with media. Students can share and comment on the presentations/websites to facilitate peer to peer learning. The weblink could still be submitted to the Dropbox (linked to a rubric) for ease of grading, and with the new D2L, TA’s would have the option of making audio or written comments.
- Advantages = same as WordPress: comments allowed, multi-media content, small file size, sharing capabilities

- Keeps work in same space as D2L

-Concerns – sharing and grading.


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