Faculty Teaching Excellence Program




Mark Knowles, Director, Anderson Language Technology Center

Technical Culture is described by the nature of activities to be carried out in performing a school's tasks and embodies the procedures, knowledge, and skills related to attaining the school's goals.  In second language learning, materials development has often been given priority which is manifested in a preoccupation for textbooks, a preoccupation which can sometimes be diametrically opposed to the principles of technical culture.  A technical culture perspective gives centrality to teachers' perceptions of their workplaces and social environments as well as to their perceptions of the task at hand and their learning opportunities.  In this presentation, I wish to elaborate on the notion of technical culture and in so doing, I will play the role of provocateur by calling for the overthrow of the sacrosanct textbook to the benefit of what I will call a determining factor of teachers' and learners' success, i.e., teacher identity.


Title Date Time
Session I Thursday, Febuary 17, 2010 3:30-4:30 PM


This event will be held in ATLAS 200.

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