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University vs. YouTube: Redefining the Role of Physically Situated Education in the Internet Age

Mike Eisenberg , Professor of Computer Science                                     

The role of the university -- the physical setting, the place that students actually

attend -- is about to undergo seismic changes due to the presence of web-based phenomena such as iTunes U, Instructables, and YouTube. At issue is the meaning of physically-situated higher education when challenged by a vast menu of easily accessible, high quality, low cost (or free) web-based instructional materials.

This discussion will focus on a variety of themes related to this challenge. One theme involves the ways in which physical setting can be put to educational use (often by means of novel technologies): a place where students live might have features that complement, counteract, or respond to the particular affordances of web-based materials. Another theme is the way in which classroom instruction and university-level
courses might evolve in response to their web-based analogues. Part of this discussion will be devoted to brainstorming about what residential university life can and should look like in the medium-term future.

In the nearer term, we will also discuss a variety of strategies for making creative use of these resources in a variety of disciplines and classroom settings. For instance, faculty might develop "educational mashups" that combine multiple sources within a single set of course materials; or they might create a YouTube channel to display course projects or demonstrations; or they might assign students to create a
public Instructables document as an alternative (say) to a short paper.

Mike Eisenberg is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the
Institute of Cognitive Science. His research interests focus on the many uses of novel technologies in mathematics and science education. He and his wife Ann Eisenberg together run the Craft Technology Laboratory, which explores techniques for blending computational and physical elements within children's craft activities.


Title Date Time
Session I Tuesday, March 2 3:00-4:00 PM


This event will be held in ATLAS 200.

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