John L. Falconer, President’s Teaching Scholar and Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

J. Will Medlin, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

This workshop will show faculty how to prepare and use screencasts in their courses. Screencasts are videos made usually by capturing the screen of a tablet PC. They include narration and are typically 10 minutes or shorter. We have prepared more than 550 screencasts and made them available at, on iTunesU, and on These screencasts include solutions to example problems, explanations of concepts, introductions to a topic, tutorials on the use of software, and exam reviews. Faculty can prepare screencasts to supplement the textbook or as part of a flipped classroom. They are a means to transfer information delivery outside the classroom so that classroom time can be used for active learning. Because screencasts do not need to be polished videos, they can be prepared with minimal effort; their content is similar to what would be done in class on a board. Feedback from students who have used these screencasts has been overwhelmingly positive, with many students indicating they were the most useful learning resource. Screencasts have a number of advantages over presenting the same material in class. Students can pause, replay, take notes, and solve the same problem at their own pace. They are available 24/7 so that students can take control of their learning. This workshop will help faculty identify areas where screencasts would be useful for their courses, provide suggestions on how to prepare screencasts and how to use them, and assist faculty so they can prepare at least a screencast.

The Technology Enhanced Learning Forums are designed and provided for our instructional faculty members. If you are planning to participate in this symposium and are in a college other than the presenter, you may plan in advance to adapt the teaching tools in this event to your discipline.


Thursday Feb 14, 2013, 2:30-4:00 pm


This event will be held in ATLAS 200


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