Seth Murray

Engineering & Applied Sciences


Using better technology as an Instructor for Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship will increase my teaching effectiveness.  Currently, I find myself repeating the same information through individual emails, last minute backup files for lecturers, and struggling with D2L.  I would also like to create more of a learning community in my courses, and have the students learn from each other more often. During the 2013 Summer Institute, I learned technology tools to help.


Google Drive, Plus, Hangouts, and Sites are now in my technology toolbox. I gained confidence to work with Google Drive to backup, share and collaborate on documents.  Google Plus and Hangouts will be used in my courses, especially the distance learning courses, to create a learning community that students and I can easily share information with each other.  Google Sites is a simple website creation tool that I can integrate with D2L to have a reliable and more informative learning management system. 


I highly recommend other faculty take a technology workshop to increase teaching efficiency and learning.  FTEP did a great job teaching the technology and making me feel comfortable to implement it into my courses, plus the time spent on learning goals and theory was useful and a nice break from the technology.


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