Erick Mueller



I never wanted to be “that guy”.  You know, the teacher that still writes with coal on old flint rocks for presentations.  Not keeping up with the technology and, most importantly, not empowering my students to learn more deeply through technology just isn’t acceptable.  The good news : I’m not that guy anymore thanks to the FTEP Summer Institute Program!


I’ve learned a number of very important and useful tools.  First, is Google+.  I plan to utilize this tool to increase peer-to-peer interaction and create a more interactive learning environment.  Second, is e-Portfolios.  I plan to have each Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Certificate student create an e-Portfolio to help increase learning and improve administrative efficiencies.  And third, is Google Sites.  I plan to create my faculty website to be more interactive and interesting to visit.


On behalf of myself and my future students, thank you so much to the whole FTEP team in empowering me to be a better teacher through technology.  Greatly appreciated!


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