Leila Heil



My goal for participating in the institute was to learn how to better manage the dissemination and collection of class materials and assignments online.  As a result of this institute, I have been motivated to find ways of integrating technology to increase student learning.


I plan to continue using D2L as my primary online platform but will expand the features that I have used in the past.   I will broaden my use of the assignment feature of D2L to upload video and audio prompts prior to class meetings.  In addition to this expanded use of the basic functions of D2L, I will also incorporate the use of Google Plus.  This platform will be useful in posting prompts for online class discussions.  I plan to require weekly community conversations based on video and audio artifacts .  Students will be asked to comment on the posted artifact, reply posts and offer additional artifacts for further discussion.


Encouraging peer communication outside of class is something that I have thought about incorporating in the past, but lacked the understanding of the technology to confidently facilitate this type of interaction. 


I am also planning to use the Google Plus discussion tool for pre-assessment of student knowledge and understanding of threshold concepts learned in prerequisite courses.  The ability to assess what students know and understand will allow for more efficient and effective use of class time. 


The online research bookmarking tools Mendeley, Diigo and Evernote will be of great use in managing files and providing additional search resources.  I plan to explore the communication/share capacities offered through Diigo.


I am also interested in exploring the use of eportfolios for cross course and multi-year growth evidence for students in my discipline.


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