Victoria Hand



My primary goal in participating in the FTEP Summer Workshop was to improve my understanding of the various technologies available for educational purposes. In a sense, I was isolating technology as a tool for learning. An epiphany I had in this course is that in the 21st century, technological capacity is a primarily form of literacy necessary for academics and students alike.  It is a form of learning.


Diving squarely into technological trends such as MOOCS and social media in education, I have generated a list of “big ideas” that emerged during the course that I plan to pursue over the new few years.  First, I would like to organize a technology task force at the School of Education to stays current on these trends, discusses implications for the school, and provides suggestions to faculty about how to prepare and respond.  I believe it will be important for faculty to begin to develop materials for MOOCs that can be utilized in a variety of formats and through online sites. Faculty should also seek out opportunities to serve as “guest” bloggers around their areas of expertise.  Finally, I am planning to start a blog that will provide ideas and resources for parents on developing number sense in very young children.


There are several courses that I plan to develop specifically to work with online formats, but I have also updated one of my current courses with some of the new technologies from the course.  The course, Knowing and Learning in STEM, is now housed on a Google Site that is embedded within D2L.  The assignments have been revised to provide interactive instructions using Screencast and peer editing and comments using Google docs.  Two of the assignments will be moved to Google sites so that student can develop sites that communicate what they have learned in a variety of ways. A Google Community has been formed through Google plus, and in addition to seeding course themes for discussion, will serve as a means of collaborating with experts, expert teachers, and other students (particularly in South Africa) outside of class. I will also hold office hours through the community site.


These are just a few ways that I plan to build on the experiences I had in the course.


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