Headshop of Clarence "Skip" Ellis

Professor Emeritus Clarence “Skip” Ellis has won a 2013/2014 Fulbright award to teach at Ashesi University in Ghana. His course -- World Simulation: Culture, Technology and Ethics -- will examine how various governments around the world work, teasing out ethical, economic, social and political factors.

Kids learn how to display an image on a spherical object

The paper "Math on a Sphere: Making Use of Public Displays in Education" by Mike Eisenberg, Antranig Basman, and Sherry Hsi, won a Best Paper award at the Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (CELDA) October 2013 conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

A paper submitted by CS Professor Dirk Grunwald and two of his former Ph.D. students, Srilatha “Bobbie” Manne from the ECEE department and Artur Klauser from Computer Science, has won the ACM SIGARCH/IEEE-CS TCCA Influential Paper Award for 2013.

Headshot of Rupa Dachere

Alumna Rupa Dachere, also known as Vaijayanti Roychowdhury Dachere, CU-Boulder Computer Science BS 1994, has received a 2013 Meritorious Achievement Award in Informal Education from the IEEE “for establishing a non-profit organization that provides educational programs and mentoring for females in computer programming.” This award recognizes her work as President and Founder of CodeChix in advan

Photo of John Black

"At John Black's class at the University of Colorado, Boulder... Black structures the class like a game: students work through a series of "levels," where, after they reach a goal by hacking past defenses, they earn access to the next level. The students, meanwhile, can see what level the other students are on as they go.

Graduate students listen to a talk by PhD student Dana Hughes.

Department of Computer Science
Graduate Student Colloquium

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"A Soft, Amorphous Robotic Skin for Texture Detection, Identification and Localization"
PhD Candidate Dana Hughes, University of Colorado Boulder

Photo of Dana Hughes

Westword magazine interviewed CompSci Assistant Professor Aaron Clauset about his Big Data work on patterns in terrorist activity. Read the article here.

Engineering makes the "impossible" possible! Concepts John Giacomoni envisioned as a CU-Boulder comp sci research assistant grew into the work of LineRate Systems, recently sold for $125M to F5 Networks. Read about it here.

How's your German? This article about swarm robotics in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung features an interview with CU Computer Science's own Nikolaus Correll.

(For a translation, paste the URL into Google Translate - it's not perfect but it gets the job done.)

CU astronomy and astrophysics grad student Mark Dixon got a dose of inspiration from a Computer Science class taught by lecturer Gabe Johnson, developed a game with his brothers, and won first prize in game design at Microsoft's annual Imagine Cup competition. Check out the details in this Colorado Daily article.