Herb Morreale with dominos

Congratulations to Herb Morreale (BS/CS '91) for winning a 2013 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award!

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Computer Science graduate students Sadie Zukowski, Rosalind O’Brien, Jeeeun Kim, and Abigale Stangl traveled to Switzerland in September to collaborate on the Project-Oriented Learning Environment (POLE) project.

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Swarm robots called "droplets"

CU-Boulder researchers are working to build a swarm of small robots that can work together to accomplish complex tasks. In the future, teams of intelligent robots could be deployed to tackle a number of challenging problems, from containing an oil spill to self-assembling into a piece of hardware after being launched into space.

Congratulations to Doug Smith and his team of CS students on their invitation to the ISC 2013 Cluster Competition! CU is the only US team to be invited to next year's international competition!  Doug has led our teams in every competition so far.

CU Boulder Campus Aerial View

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder seeks outstanding candidates for a tenure-track position in human-centered computing (HCC). The opening is targeted at the level of Assistant Professor, although outstanding senior candidates at higher ranks may be considered.

Katie Siek

The annual award is given to a woman in computer science and/or engineering who has made significant research contributions and who has contributed to her profession, especially in the outreach to women. Dr. Siek will be presented the award at CHI 2013 in April 2013.

Photo: CU-Boulder double major Ariel Aguilar combined studies in psychology and computer science with a focus on software tools and children's acquisition of language.

The University of Colorado Board of Regents has approved a new Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science for non-engineering students. The degree is expected to be offered beginning in Fall 2013. For more information, please click here.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and BioFrontiers faculty member, Debra Goldberg, sees computer science as truly interdisciplinary. Goldberg is a computer scientist by training and a teacher at heart. One of her favorite classroom tactics? Silence, which grabs the attention of sleepy students and pulls them back into the discussion.

Photo credit: Mark_66it / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

The NASA project will focus on developing a greenhouse for food production in space. 

These activities will be streamlined with the “Advanced Robotics” class in Spring 2013. More information is available here.

Tom Yeh

The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce that Dr. Tom Yeh has joined as an Assistant Professor commencing Fall 2012.