Jobs Mailing List

The Computer Science Department receives job-related information from time to time. This includes job postings from companies seeking to hire permanent employees, announcements of internships and part time work, requests for students to work on short-term software development projects, and Career Services postings, such as job offerings, interview schedules, career development workshops, job/internship fairs, etc.

The Department has established a mailing list open to anyone (students, alumni and even the public at large) interested in receiving this type of computer science job-related information. A few things should be noted about the jobs mailing list:

  • Individuals can join or leave the list at any time. See "How to Subscribe" and "How to Unsubscribe" below for instructions.
  • The list is moderated, so all postings are verified to be legitimate and appropriate before being distributed to the list.
  • List membership is not visible to anyone other than administrators of the list.

How to Subscribe

Subscribe to the jobs mailing list by emailing

  • The message should have no subject.

  • The body of the message should consist of the single line (i.e. no signatures, vCards, or anything else):
    subscribe cs-jobs
    FirstName LastName

  • For example, the user "John Doh" would send a message with the following body:

    subscribe cs-jobs John Doh

The address subscribed to the jobs mailing list will be one from which this message is sent.

How to Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe from the jobs mailing list by emailing

  • The message should have no subject.
  • The body of the message should consist of a single line (i.e. no signatures, vCards, or anything else):
    unsubscribe cs-jobs

The address unsubscribed from the jobs mailing list will be the one from which the message is sent.

How to Post a Job-Related Message

  1. Do the following to post a message to the jobs mailing list:
  2. The posting must be plain text posting with no attachments. Messages with attachments of any kind are automatically discarded.

Please provide the following in the posting:

  • Descriptive subject including company name and location
  • Info about the company and job location
  • Description of the job
  • Any wage or salary information
  • Contact information or instructions on how to apply 

Send the job-related posting to 

Please note:

  • Postings with attachments are automatically rejected to prevent the spread of malware, both intentional and unintentional. This includes any type of attachment that is non-plain-text, such as signature images or word documents.
  • Postings unrelated to computer science jobs or postings unlikely to be of specific interest to the list will most likely disappear silently.
  • Postings, if approved by the moderator, are forwarded to the list exactly as submitted, including both the subject and the entirety of the body of the message.
  • Subjects should be descriptive of the contents of the posting - for example, "Java development at XYZ Corp (Boulder, CO)" or "XYZ Corp info session (Sept. 20)" - rather than generic ones like "job", "FYI", "Help wanted", etc.
  • Postings that are more descriptive about the kind of work to be done are more likely to be read and generate interest than simple emails such as "Software development me".
  • HTML-formatted emails are acceptable

Need Help?

If you are having problems or have questions about the list, please email Carrie Sadler