The globalization of the marketplace demands managers who can successfully compete in a global/multicultural business environment in the United States and around the world. Understanding the significant cultural, economic, and political differences between countries and regions is vital to success in global settings. Managers in a global business must not only be sensitive to these differences but they must also adopt the appropriate policies and strategies for dealing with them.

To address these issues, the Leeds School of Business offers to its students the Global Business Certificate. The certificate entails core courses focusing on global topics related to Accounting, Finance Management, and Marketing plus additional requirements that build on the students’ understanding of the functional areas of business and provide them with an appreciation of the global environment. The certificate supplies students with a framework for developing the appropriate mindset to be effective in a global marketplace. These are the certificate requirements (click on the titles to download a PDF document with additional details).

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Global Business Certificate (PDF Version)

Global Business Certificate: Asian Studies Tracks (PDF Version)

Global Business Certificate: Germanic & Slavic Studies Tracks (PDF Version)


  • You must apply in order receive the Global Business Certificate.
  • This certificate is for Business Majors only.
  • The 2 approved international courses can be taken pass/fail if non-business courses.
  • Global Seminars to London and South Africa can only count as one of the two approved courses for international coursework.
  • An approved Global Internship (INBU 4910) can count as both of the two courses needed to complete the international coursework.
  • International degree-seeking students may use their experience studying at CU as their Qualifying Global Experience.
  • Global Internships used as the Global Experience or towards academic credit for the qualifying international coursework, must be approved before the student departs. A Global Internship that was not pre-approved by the Leeds Global Initiatives department will not count for academic credit or towards the Global Experience requirement of the certificate.
  • In an effort to GO GREEN, Global Inititiaves will not issue a paper certificate to qualifying recipients. Instead, students will receive credit for completion of the certificate on their final transcript.