The Marketing Division at the Leeds School of Business is distinguished by its scholarly impact on academic marketing thought and by exceptional teaching. Research by our faculty is our strength. Research is published in prestigious publications such as Journal of Consumer Research. Our faculty bring marketing theory and practical solutions to students and prepare them for careers in business and in academics.

The increasingly global marketplace, coupled with new communication vehicles such as the Internet, have changed the traditional tactics used in marketing. Today's marketing practitioners must understand the unique challenges of serving foreign markets and how to effectively convey their messages to consumers throughout the world. The marketing program develops students' analytic and decision-making skills in such areas as advertising, market research, brand/product management, selling and sales management, distribution, relationship marketing, international marketing, marketing consumer products and services, and marketing nonprofit organizations.

Key concepts focus on identifying customer needs and wants, developing products and services to meet those demands, establishing communications to promote products and services, and monitoring transactions and customer responses to guide future activities. Marketing concepts apply to tangible products, services and ideas, consumer and business markets, and domestic and global markets.

Career Opportunities

Marketing students find career opportunities in advertising, international marketing, marketing research, nonprofit marketing, product and brand management, personal selling, public relations, retail management, sales management, business-to-business marketing, consumer affairs and protection, and distribution and logistics. Sales, the most common entry-level position, is the area in which the most number of jobs exist. A sales job is widely used as a stepping stone to a management career.

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