Cooperation agreement furthers Dream Chaser® Spacecraft microgravity science capabilities

August 5, 2014

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems is pleased to announce it is expanding its relationship with the University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder) through the signing of a letter of cooperation with CU-Boulder’s BioServe Space Technologies (BioServe). Through the cooperation, SNC and BioServe will jointly explore ways the Dream Chaser® Space Utility Vehicle (SUV) can serve as an orbital platform for scientific experiments in microgravity and space life science research.

SNC and CU-Boulder have a long-standing relationship collaborating on various projects throughout the development of the Dream Chaser commercial space transportation vehicle. Currently, CU-Boulder is a Dream Chaser program – Dream Team – member. CU-Boulder has provided SNC with leading research and development support over the past several years, including defining the overall cockpit design of the Dream Chaser spacecraft.

SNC actively recruits top graduates, alumni and interns from CU-Boulder. Presently, SNC’s Space Systems employs over 55 alumni and close to a dozen interns. Additionally, SNC also supports various senior design projects and works closely with students and research faculty. Several SNC executives hold faculty positions at the university.

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