The interdisciplinary Women and Gender Studies undergraduate major and minor offer students a rigorous but flexible program of study that examines women, gender, and sexuality in relation to race, class, national identity, and ability. Students explore the ways that gender and sexuality work in diverse communities and in different cultural and historical contexts. Areas of inquiry include but are not limited to: gender/sex systems across cultures and historical periods; gender, sexuality, and culture; legal and public policy issues around gender and sexuality; women’s participation in social and cultural production; transnational feminisms; feminist theory and its relation to different philosophical and epistemological traditions; sexual identity politics and histories; and queer theory. Drawing from approximately fifty courses, many cross-listed with other academic units, students fulfill the requirements of the major or minor and can design an emphasis relevant to their special interests by focusing on one of three cognate areas: gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity, or global/transnational. The Department of Women and Gender Studies is housed in the Hazel Gates Woodruff Cottage, which offers a reading library and organizes colloquia, workshops, and other cultural and educational events.

Students must complete a minimum of 36 approved WGST credit hours with a grade of C- or better, 24 credits of which must be upper division (3000 or 4000 level). Students will design their programs in consultation with the Women and Gender Studies academic advisor.

Majors & Minors must complete these three required courses:
     • WGST 2000: Introduction to Feminist Studies
     • WGST 2600: Gender, Race, and Class in a Global Context
     • WGST 3100: Feminist Theories
Majors must additionally complete this required course:
     • WGST 4800: Senior Colloquium in Feminist Studies  – Offered only in Spring Semesters; Students graduating in Fall should take this course in the Spring of their Junior year

Please see additional requirements for majors and minors below.

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