A drawing of a young woman with ropes around her shouldersPower Within is inspired by my own journey of fighting back racism, sexism and finding my own strengths. The social inequality limited my contributions and the extent to which I can make a true impact as a leader of marginalized identity. This piece depicts a color woman like me who has multiple strengths and talents, but finds it tiring and painful to be set free from the societal stereotypes that hold back marginalized leaders. And when she does let go and understand how great of an impact she can make, she shines a thousand times brighter and lightens several lives.

“Through this piece, I want to send across the following message: No matter how much the world around you confines and labels you, it is your goals, strengths, core values and ideas that shine brighter. I know that at times it seems impossible to do this alone, but just remember that we can all raise our fists to work for social justice and work towards creating better leaders and a more just world.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2021
Located on the third floor, near room 352