Madison Sinsel is a sophomore at CU studying media design through CMCI and minoring in art. She hopes to one day become a working artist and graphic designer. Currently, she is a writer for HerCampus, the head of social media for Buffs for Body Positivity, and she sells tattoo designs and prints on Instagram and her website.

"Caress" by Madison SinselCaress – “This piece was inspired by two styles of art that have been used for hundreds of years – single-line gesture art and classical Roman sculpture. My goal for this piece was to combine them in a way that creates a uniquely organic piece that blends the two styles together. Classical Roman artwork, especially sculpture, is recognized by traditional facial features – the long nose, the eyes with no pupils, the strong weight of each limb and line. Using line work that conveys the use of one single continuous line, I wanted to turn the traditional aspects of classical art on its head by working in thin, delicate and flowing lines that directly contrast with the strong geometry usually seen. The contrast in color divides the more formal figure in the composition from the less formal, more human-like aspects of the piece that wrap around the traditional form. Overall, I wanted the composition and meaning of the piece to convey a blending of not only artistic styles, but a blending of the sacred and human.”

Student Arts Program official selection 2019

"l'éthérée" by Madison Sinsel

l éthérée – “The delicacy of the lines in this piece signify the delicacy that our thoughts hold in balance every day. And although something beautiful may bloom from thoughts so delicate, it can be a burden to balance them so they do not fall. The figure is composed of one delicate line continuing, and her blooming thoughts she wears like flowers on a crown.”

Student Arts Program official selection 2019











See more of Madison’s work at and one Instagram at artbymss
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