Jazmine Prosch was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area. Currently a senior at CU Boulder studying integrative physiology with a business minor, she will pursue a master's degree in business analytics at Leeds School of Business.

“While I have always loved taking photos, my first real photography class was in the fall of 2016. Using both digital and analog styles, I love to document people, food, landscapes and travel. My favorite moments to capture convey authenticity, no matter the subject. Rarely do I plan a photograph; instead, I prefer to be a witness and let the right moment happen naturally.”

"Working Hands" by Jazmine Prosch Working Hands is a portrait project shot on film; the idea behind it is twofold. First, we as humans are very influenced by the people closest to us, and we can be considered an average of the people with who we spend the most time. Second, I believe hands tell the most honest and compelling stories about people and life.

“While my hands do not appear in this piece, it details many important aspects of my life through the hands of people I am closest to. Our hands are a reflection of ourselves, just as we are a reflection of the people around us.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2017