A black-and-white photo of a glacierGlaciation – “As a geography major, I have learned that the earth is a global system and most natural processes are interconnected. This glacier in Iceland will likely never look the same as it does in this snapshot. Glaciers are an excellent reminder that wherever we live, our actions have global repercussions. With this image, I wanted to document the fleeting and changing landscape and share this magnificent experience that may not be available to future generations.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2021


A photo of multicolored leaves

Fallen Leaves – “Fall is a spectacular time in Colorado. I wanted to capture some of the intimate details and textures with this photo. I got this shot just outside of Nederland, in the middle of an aspen grove. The afternoon sunlight light filtered through the golden forest canopy, perfectly lighting this colorful scene on the forest floor. I wanted to show the leaves in their various stages of decay, another reminder of the changing seasons.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2020