A painting of a white flower on a circular canvasGratitude – “At the beginning of January 2022, I came down with COVID and found myself climbing the walls of the very tiny apartment I share with my partner. To me, this painting represents first the ‘pain’ in painting and second, that anybody who wants to do art can make it happen with practice. Originally I was a graphite and color pencil artist but at the beginning of 2020, when everything seemed to start falling apart, I expanded to painting. This painting was part of the pain I experienced while I was quarantining. It was not just the physical pain I experienced with the virus but the emotional pain. I wanted to be with my friends and family so badly, but the closest they could get to me was the other side of a closed door to drop off something. The flower and light express the beautiful existence of normal life which used to seem so dull and the black background represents the disconnection and emotional strain I felt during that time.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2022