Ari Kutzer is a sophomore majoring in business entrepreneurship.

A photo of a hummingbird and red flowersFrozen in Time – “Flying through the crisp fall air, a single hummingbird searches for the perfect flower. After a long day of patience, photographer Ari Kutzer spots a tiny, magnificent hummingbird treating itself to a beautiful flower. Using as much stealth and speed as possible, he carefully gets close to the creature without scaring it away; after minutes of tension and careful footsteps, Ari captures an exquisite moment of the bird’s feast; effectively freezing its rapid wing movements and managing to compose a dark black background behind the foreground scene, this is a moment that will not soon be forgotten.”

A photo of a wet street reflecting lights at nightReflection  – “On a cold winter night, the late hour struck past midnight, downtown Denver buzzes and whirls with excitement and life. Nightlife of all flavors, people of all backgrounds, living their lives and enjoying the beautiful city. In an effort to slow down the endlessly accelerating tempo of life, even just for a single moment, one can find the time to stop their rushed sidewalk pace to sprinkle some water on the street and appreciate the reflections they are given. Taken with a macro-focused fisheye lens, photographer Ari Kutzer captured one moment of beautiful reflection and colors, in hope perhaps to help grant you similar moments of reflection.”