"Royal Arch" by Mujtaba Al HubaylMujtaba Al Hubayl is a photographer with CU independent, CU’s student newspaper. He came all the way from Saudi Arabia to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at CU Boulder. He loves doing photography especially landscapes and street photography. He began doing photography at the age of 15 when his aunt lent him her camera to take pictures of flowers. After that, he seemed to be really into photography, so his parents decided to buy him a Nikon D7100 in which he used it to fulfill his passion.

Royal Arch – “Although the hiking in Chataqua Park took time more than what we expected, my friends and I enjoyed it so much. The natural sights on our way up and back down were incredibly beautiful. We reached an area that is called Royal Arch. This point was the most beautiful area; the rock formation there was fascinating. While we were enjoying the scenery there I saw this view and I stopped for a moment to take a shot in order to share it with other people to see the beauty of Boulder and appreciate the nature.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2019
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