David Goudy, a third-year student studying integrative physiology and philosophy, is originally from Wilmington, Del. He took up photography about a year ago and finds inspiration in natural outdoor scenes. The vast majority of his portfolio contains landscapes taken on various hikes and walks from national and state parks around the country. David often takes a patient approach to photography and has been known to sit for hours waiting for the right light or for the clouds to fall perfectly in place. His detail-orientated thinking and affinity for being in nature have allowed him to quickly progress as a landscape photographer.

“119 Overlook” by David Goudy119 Overlook -- “I took this photo overlooking Highway 119 here in Boulder. It took a few trips, several hours and many shots waiting for everything to be ideal. Eventually came 30 seconds of time that would overlap perfectly to create my image. I knew there was something to be captured from the beginning, it just took patience.”

“Clouds Over Sinepexuent Bay” by David GoudyClouds Over Sinepuxent Bay -- “I took this picture while driving in to Assateague Island National Seashore. The detail and complexity in the clouds accompanied by spring colors, not to mention the perfect timing of the three birds, amazes me. It is absolutely empowering being able to capture something like this by chance which would normally have been a bland water scene.”

“Sprague Lake Deck” by David GoudySprague Lake Deck -- “I took this photo while walking around Sprague Lake and the dock seemed somewhat out of place: it felt intimate, private and peaceful. To move forward in our lives, I feel we all need to stop and take a moment every now and then and the view with the dock captures that.”