Kiki Garthwaite is a senior majoring in technology, arts and media engineering.

A photo of an Indian man laughingLadakh was taken in Ladakh, India, in a monastery tucked below the Himalayas. This kind man was showing us his prayer beads and wishing us well on our journey. His friendly smile and welcoming eyes were a true reflection of the cordial and receptive character this man evoked. This photograph serves as a reminder for myself regarding the power of a genuine smile, of a smile’s ability to break all language barriers and to stimulate positive emotions. A reminder to keep smiling.”

Student Arts Program official selection 2020

A photo of two elderly Indian women

Portraits of India: Festival, The Lady, The Man  – “A series of portraits taken in India in 2015. These faces are what sparked my love for portraiture photography. Every photo and every person a unique story. A small glimpse into a lifestyle so very different from my own. Thank you India, for teaching me and challenging me.”

Student Arts Program official selections 2020




A photo of an elderly Indian woman wearing a red knitted hat     A photo of an elderly Indian man wearing a black knitted hat