A rainbow-colored set of wavy-lined concentric circlesWavy – “This was created using CoderArt, a digital art webapp I developed. I’ve always seen the intrinsic beauty in math and code but have been frustrated at my ability to express that in a way others can understand. I think in code, not brush strokes, so I developed a tool that let me and others like me express themselves artistically through code. Since then I’ve coded nearly a hundred pieces. This piece was one of my first projects. At the heart of this piece is the cosine function, discretized and expressed in polar coordinates. The colors come from the transcendental nature of pi. The vertical split is a result of the contentious definition of a radian, and that two, not one, pi radians make up the circumference of the circle. This is what I find most beautiful about my medium; the characteristics of this piece are not ‘inspired’ by these phenomena, they are a direct mathematical result of them.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2022