A colorful illustration of an astronaut and a ringed planetAlonso Chapa is a digital artist and animator who specializes in making digital animations. He is a senior finishing a double major in EBIO and finance at CU Boulder and creates digital art on his spare time. His passion for visual arts started as young kid and has continued throughout his life. His skillset is quite varied in terms of the art styles that he can create, ranging from detailed cartoons to interstellar artworks.

Lost Explorer – “This artwork was inspired by an underlying curiosity surrounding what we perceive as the unknown. The notion of pushing into uncharted waters is a fascinating concept which reflects a need to discover new frontiers and expand one’s knowledge of how our reality works. In this case, this new boundary refers to the vast unexplored regions of outer space and the hidden mysteries it holds. This brave cosmonaut perhaps pushed his luck too far in his efforts to explore the big empty.  Currently lost, he finds himself floating in some distant and bizarre sector of the interstellar plane. However, this is a risk that all true pioneers are willing to take when attempting to gain a better grasp on what they cannot fully understand.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2022