"Tangled" by Derek Carpenter

Tangled – “Heteronormative gender stereotypes in today’s environment often make women feel uncomfortable in their own skin. They are told that if they do not shave their body hair then they are not beautiful. Arbitrary body hair expectations have become the tower that women, real-life Rapunzels, are locked away in.

Younger generations, however, are learning to recognize the misogyny within these gender roles. Women are starting to become empowered by their body’s natural appearance, and overlook the negative judgments a patriarchal society has unwelcomely placed on their bodies. Everyone should feel comfortable wearing their hair any way they choose, and if that is indeed shaving then they should not be guilted for that. However, it also needs to be acceptable to choose to grow your hair out the way your body is naturally inclined to do. Every woman is a unique creation and we should all be free to express our individuality without being falsely told it is unhygienic or unattractive.”
Student Arts Program official selection 2019