Chancellor Philip DiStefano, Athletic Director Rick George and others gathered on Saturday, June 26, for a tree dedication ceremony honoring a pair of CU Buffs super fans known simply as “the twins,” Peggy Coppom and her late sister Betty Hoover. 

Coppom and Hoover are well-known to all Buff supporters as two of the most beloved lifelong CU faithful––staples at Buff sporting events for the better part of eight decades. Hoover passed away last summer. 

Coppom and members of the sisters’ family were present for the tree dedication, which included the dedication of two new trees and a plaque along the Buff Walk on the east side of Folsom Field. 

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Betty and Peggy are the definition of Forever Buffs,” DiStefano told those who gathered for the dedication. “These trees are a living reminder of Betty and Peggy’s dedication to CU Boulder and they will grow and blossom in the same way that the twins’ relationship did with our school over the decades.”