Emily Roos

Class of 2020: Emily Roos

May 8, 2020

Architecture major and summa cum laude graduate Emily Roos combined her love for creating with her interest in the built environment.

Sebastian Elverskog

Class of 2020: Sebastian Elverskog

May 8, 2020

Sebastian Elverskog, a Texas native, will graduate this year cum laude with an emphasis on architecture.

Riley Chustz

Class of 2020: Riley Chustz

May 8, 2020

Riley Chustz, a landscape architecture major with a business minor in entrepreneurship from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, plans to move to Southern California to further her design career.

Tanner Anthony-Miner

Class of 2020: Tanner Anthony-Miner

May 7, 2020

Tanner Anthony-Miner, a sustainable planning and urban design major from Colorado Springs, plans to get started on his positive impact after graduation.

Drake Williams

Class of 2020: Drake Williams

May 7, 2020

Ohio native Drake Williams will graduate cum laude this spring from Environmental Design, with a minor in business and an engineering management certificate.

painted graduation cap

Tomorrow’s leaders: Class of 2020

May 7, 2020

Read words of wisdom from just a few of the many talented, motivated and innovative students who are graduating and starting on their next adventure. Congratulations, Buffs! You are an inspiration.

Sophia Zervas

Class of 2020: Sophia Zervas

May 6, 2020

The term “accomplished” takes on a whole new meaning when referring to Sophia Zervas. Graduating with degrees in piano and voice, Zervas is off to Harvard University to continue her studies in a unique field.

Josie Hoien

Class of 2020: Josie Hoien

May 6, 2020

Josie is graduating with a bachelor's degree in geography and certificates in Native American and indigenous studies, as well as Western American studies. Learn about her experience.

RJ Mooney

Class of 2020: RJ Mooney

May 6, 2020

RJ Mooney is graduating with a bachelor's degree in geography and a certificate in Western American studies. Read about RJ's experience from his perspective.

Shelby Litton

Class of 2020: Shelby Litton

May 6, 2020

Shelby Litton is graduating with a degree in geological science and a certificate in Western American studies. Read first-hand about her experience.