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Star Trek-like invisible shield found thousands of miles above Earth

Nov. 26, 2014

A team led by the University of Colorado Boulder has discovered an invisible shield some 7,200 miles above Earth that blocks so-called “killer electrons,” which whip around the planet at near-light speed and have been known to threaten astronauts, fry satellites and degrade space systems during intense solar storms.

Six faculty members join ranks of University of Colorado Distinguished Professors

Nov. 21, 2014

CU System news release Highest honor for educators recognizes exceptional research, teaching, service DENVER – Six University of Colorado faculty members today were named Distinguished Professors, the most prestigious honor for faculty at the university. Each year, the recognition goes to faculty members who demonstrate exemplary performance in research or creative work, a record of excellence in classroom teaching and supervision of individual learning, and outstanding service to the profession, university and its affiliates.

Siding spring and satellites

Mars spacecraft, including MAVEN, reveal comet flyby effects on Martian atmosphere

Nov. 7, 2014

Two NASA and one European spacecraft, including NASA’s MAVEN mission led by the University of Colorado Boulder, have gathered new information about the basic properties of a wayward comet that buzzed by Mars Oct. 19, directly detecting its effects on the Martian atmosphere.

NASA’S MAVEN spacecraft watches passing comet and its effects at Mars

Oct. 20, 2014

NASA’s newest orbiter at Mars, MAVEN, took precautions to avoid harm from a dust-spewing comet that flew near Mars yesterday and is studying the flyby’s effects on the Red Planet’s atmosphere, according to University of Colorado Boulder Professor Bruce Jakosky, principal investigator on the mission.

MAVEN spacecraft’s first look at Mars holds surprises, says CU-Boulder mission leader

Oct. 14, 2014

NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has provided scientists their first look at a storm of energetic solar particles at Mars and produced unprecedented ultraviolet images of the tenuous oxygen, hydrogen and carbon coronas surrounding the Red Planet, said University of Colorado Boulder Professor Bruce Jakosky, the mission’s principal investigator.

Hubble Telescope project involving CU-Boulder maps temperature, water vapor on wild exoplanet

Oct. 9, 2014

A team of scientists including a University of Colorado Boulder professor used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to make the most detailed global map yet of the glow from a giant, oddball planet orbiting another star, an object twice as massive as Jupiter and hot enough to melt steel.

NASA mission led by CU-Boulder achieves Martian orbit Sept. 21

Sept. 21, 2014

The spacecraft for a NASA mission to probe the climate history of Mars led by the University of Colorado Boulder slid seamlessly into orbit at about 8:24 p.m. MDT on Sunday, Sept. 21, the last major hurdle of the 10-month, 442-million-mile journey.

CU-Boulder to host free event Sept. 21 to watch orbit insertion of Mars spacecraft

Sept. 10, 2014

The public is invited to attend a watch party at the University of Colorado Boulder on Sunday, Sept. 21, when NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft, designed to understand past climate change on Mars, inserts itself into orbit after a 10-month journey to the planet.

CU-Boulder alum and NASA astronaut Steve Swanson set for return to Earth

Sept. 9, 2014

After spending nearly six months on the International Space Station, University of Colorado Boulder astronaut-alumnus Steve Swanson is slated to drift back to Earth in a Russian space capsule Sept. 10 before banging down on the steppe of Kazakhstan.


Two CU-Boulder student teams win awards for space mission design contests to Mars, moon

Sept. 4, 2014

Two University of Colorado Boulder student aerospace engineering science teams have won prestigious international and national awards for the design of real-world space missions to Mars and the moon.