The CU Sounding Rocket Lab team at a launch in November 2019

CU Sounding Rocket Lab: On a mission to space

March 31, 2021

Only one student rocketry team has successfully passed the internationally-accepted boundary of space, the 100km Karman line. The CU Boulder Sounding Rocket Lab will join that league soon—they know it won't be easy, but they're ready for the challenge.

An illustration of quantum entanglement

JILA theoretical physicists predict quantum interactions within 3D molecules

March 29, 2021

JILA's Ana Maria Rey and Thomas Bilitewski are looking at compressed potassium and rubidium gases to predict the quantum interactions between the molecules within this gas—a large advancement forward within the field of quantum physics.

A cluster of bees seen up close

Bees form scent-driven phone tree to pass along messages

March 25, 2021

Think of it as a testament to a honeybee's love for its queen: Bees build what looks like a telecommunications network to pass messages, in the form of pheromones, from their queen to other members of a colony.

Jun Ye in his lab at JILA. (Credit: CU Boulder)

Latest Buff Innovator Insights episode features physicist Jun Ye

March 24, 2021

Follow Jun Ye, director of the CUbit Quantum Initiative, from his childhood in China to helping realize the vast potential of quantum science and technology at CU Boulder.

Image of damage following the Great Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami in 2011

Shideh Dashti reflects on anniversary of Fukushima disaster

March 19, 2021

Associate Professor Shideh Dashti answered questions on the anniversary of the disaster. Her team researches the influence of extreme events on interacting soil-foundation-structure systems and the resilience of urban infrastructure.

Margaret Murnane

New podcast—Buff Innovator Insights—spotlights faculty innovators

March 18, 2021

The inaugural season of Buff Innovator Insights, a new podcast from the Research & Innovation Office, kicked off March 18. In the first episode, we meet Margaret Murnane, a professor of physics and one of the world’s leading experts in ultrafast laser and x-ray science.

Lab researcher works under a fume hood

How a ‘rag tag team’ of scientists joined forces to fight COVID-19 on campus

March 16, 2021

For nearly one year, a group of scientists and volunteers from across the university has met seven days a week, often sleeping just a few hours a night, to bring students back to campus safely.

A sewer manhole cover

CU Boulder class goes into the sewers

March 16, 2021

CU Boulder students are studying microbes in sewage systems to uncover secrets in human ecology. They looked at viruses, bacteria and more.

Researchers pose in their lab behind glass with the words "COVID Warriors" written on it.

How the CU community tackled COVID on campus and beyond

March 16, 2021

CU Boulder's researchers reflect on an unprecedented year for research amid a devastating pandemic.

A musician is videotaped while playing

7 lessons about coronavirus that CU Boulder scientists helped discover

March 15, 2021

CU Boulder researchers have led the way in understanding the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to reveal how the coronavirus spreads through tiny droplets, the importance of flattening “the mental health curve” and a lot more.