Brad Wham and his team in Turkey

Brad Wham shares key findings from post-earthquake reconnaissance in Turkey

May 9, 2023

Brad Wham, an assistant research professor, was a member of one of the three Learning From Earthquakes reconnaissance teams that traveled to Turkey in March. The team specifically looked at lifeline systems including energy, transportation, water and wastewater.

Person wears a shirt made out of kombucha leather with glowing LED lights

Kombucha chic: How one student uses microbes, and time, to grow her own clothes

May 4, 2023

Biodesign researcher Fiona Bell says that anyone, anywhere can grow their own clothing right from their kitchens. You start by brewing a batch of kombucha.

researcher in lab

Machine learning helps scientists identify the environmental preferences of microbes

May 2, 2023

Researchers have figured out a way to predict bacteria’s environmental pH preferences from a quick look at their genomes, using machine learning. Led by experts at CU Boulder, the new approach promises to help guide ecological restoration efforts, agriculture and even the development of health-related probiotics.

Solid Power's 22-layer, 20Ah all-solid-state lithium metal cell compared to the company's first-generation 10-layer, 2Ah cell

CU Boulder spinout Solid Power building a better battery for consumers, the climate

April 26, 2023

In taking its technology from the lab to the streets, Solid Power is changing how electric vehicles run with less expensive, more efficient and safer battery technology.

Physics laboratory

NIST supports undergrad, graduate research experiences at CU

April 25, 2023

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has made a $94.5 million cooperative agreement to continue successful NIST-CU Boulder collaboration.

Heidi Shyu visits with people on the CU Boulder campus on April 17, 2023.

Department of Defense under secretary visits CU Boulder

April 24, 2023

Heidi Shyu—the United States Department of Defense under secretary—visited campus on April 17 and got a first-hand look at the future of CU Boulder’s trailblazing research in quantum, aerospace, hypersonics and more.

A biodegradable "artificial muscle" made with material stamped with an image of a carrot

Grad student helps design ‘artificial muscles’ you can toss in the compost bin

April 20, 2023

Mechanical engineering student Ellen Rumley was part of a robotics club in high school, but she could never get over the clunkiness of rigid, metal machines. Now, she's designing soft robotic actuators that work like animal muscles. They're also completely biodegradable.

Abel Campos, majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, examines a fossil in the Invertebrate Paleontology department at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. (Photo by Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado)

Chili peppers more deeply rooted in Colorado than previously thought

April 20, 2023

Recently identified chili pepper fossils from Boulder and Denver museums challenge 50 million years of global evolutionary history. Now, that’s some spicy science!

Surface of Earth as seen from space

New NASA grant to support quantum sensors in space

March 16, 2023

In a new, multi-university project, researchers from CU Boulder will help to design incredibly-sensitive quantum sensors that can detect changes in Earth's climate from space.

Hisham Ali

Building a one-of-a-kind plasma wind tunnel to advance hypersonics

March 1, 2023

Hisham Ali is pushing the limits of plasma physics and hypersonics in his lab on campus to advance a nationally important area of science and engineering: magnetohydrodynamics.