A white wagtail

Scientists uncover blueprints for avian plumage

March 9, 2021

New research sheds light on the genetic underpinnings of plumage for a prominent Eurasian bird.

Textured "skin" inspired by snake scales seen under a microscope

Snakeskin inspires new, friction-reducing material

March 2, 2021

The new technology, called SLIP, mimics the structure of snake scales to create an ultra-slick surface.

Human Colon Cancer Cells

Velcro-like cellular proteins key to tissue strength

March 1, 2021

New findings that provide important clues to the long-standing mystery of where bodily tissues get their strength could also lead to more life-like artificial tissues and tumor busting drugs.

Icy power lines

What went wrong with Texas’ power grid? A Q&A with CU Boulder experts

Feb. 22, 2021

Millions of residents lost heat and power as energy grids failed when sub-zero temperatures and snowfall swept across Texas. Energy grid experts Kyri Baker and Bri-Mathias Hodge discuss how this happened and how to prevent future disasters.

A diver inspecting an underwater cable

Getting to the bottom of the internet’s carbon footprint

Feb. 18, 2021

Department of Media Studies Scholar-in-Residence Hunter Vaughan, along with an international team, is working to track and help decarbonize the subsea cable network.

Stock image of large satellite dishes in an open field

CU Boulder joins partnership to pursue NSF Spectrum Innovation Initiative center

Feb. 16, 2021

CU Boulder may soon be part of large-scale research into the electromagnetic spectrum that could define wireless innovation across everyday life for the next generation.

Mark Rentschler in lab

Futurum partnership puts CU research in the hands of younger students

Feb. 15, 2021

A swallowable, remote-controlled robot that roams around inside a person’s intestines, using tools to perform procedures and sending back a live video stream of this funky pink environment? Now that’s some seriously cool science.

An illustration of 'quantum squeezing'

Scientists develop new, faster method for seeking out dark matter

Feb. 12, 2021

Researchers from JILA, Yale University and the University of California, Berkeley, have used an innovative technique called "quantum squeezing" to dramatically speed up the search for one candidate for dark matter in the lab.

Hand with a thermoelectric wearable device worn like a ring

New wearable device turns the body into a battery

Feb. 10, 2021

A team of engineers has developed a new device that you can wear like a ring or bracelet and that harvests energy from your own body heat.

A gypsum crystal

New kinds of liquid crystals resemble solid crystals, could improve computer and TV displays

Feb. 10, 2021

New kinds of liquid crystals developed at CU Boulder resemble gypsum or lazulite crystals—except they flow like fluids.