Smartphone screen showing Twitter logo

From #Freethebird to #Stayandfight: Expert talks the future of Twitter

Nov. 4, 2022

CU Boulder's Casey Fiesler weighs in on why Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter has raised alarm bells among some of the platform's users, and if there's anywhere for them to go.

JILA building with the Flatirons in the background.

Lockheed Martin, CUbit Quantum Initiative formalize quantum partnership

Nov. 2, 2022

CU Boulder's CUbit Quantum Initiative has announced Lockheed Martin as the latest industry quantum leader to become a CUbit Innovation Partner.

Orit Peleg in a protective suit holds up a tray of bees

How many bees can you fit in an X-ray machine? That's not a joke

Oct. 27, 2022

In a new study, a team of engineers from CU Boulder created 3D scans of honeybee swarms using a CT machine. Their images reveal a surprisingly complex system of organization.

nuclear fusion

CU Boulder joins national effort to advance nuclear fusion research

Oct. 27, 2022

As part of $15 million Department of Energy project, applied mathematicians aim to employ new, novel methods to improve the physics models needed to better understand and sustain fusion.

stock image

CU Boulder lands $750K research grant for 5th-generation communications security

Oct. 27, 2022

CU Boulder is leading an interdisciplinary military-oriented research project to enable secure use of 5G networks controlled by an adversary.

Skin cells glow under the microscope

New study shows how to learn the equations of cell migration

Oct. 26, 2022

Mathematicians at CU Boulder are exploring the statistics behind how cells move, and their results could one day help scientists develop new drugs to help people heal faster from wounds.


Project aims to help students harness data for the greater good

Oct. 14, 2022

Thanks to a CU Next grant, the Data Advocacy for All project will soon provide students with the opportunity to learn how to ethically and effectively use data to raise public awareness and drive social change, according to Laurie Gries, associate professor of writing, rhetoric and communication.

Graphic showing a material made up of octahedra with loop currents (arrows moving in a circle) flowing inside. Green dots representing electrons also whiz through.

Physicists probe ‘astonishing’ morphing properties of honeycomb-like material

Oct. 12, 2022

A newly discovered material structured like a honeycomb can transform from an electrical insulator, like rubber, into an electrical conductor, like metal, in a matter of seconds. Now, researchers at CU Boulder think they can explain why.

mountain landscape

Earth scientist wins $2.5M grant to advance geochronology

Sept. 29, 2022

With National Science Foundation support, a CU Boulder-led initiative aims to attract underrepresented people to geosciences and foster grassroots ideas at the frontier of “inclusive and collaborative science.”

Two older people holding hands

Can artificial intelligence detect Alzheimer’s earlier? CU researchers aim to find out

Sept. 28, 2022

Researchers from CU Anschutz and CU Boulder are developing an artificial intelligence tool to diagnose dementia at earlier stages in an effort to curb its progress and plan more effective treatment options.