Two forceps twist an electronic device that's about the size of a BandAid

Engineers unveil new patch to help people control robotic exoskeletons

Jan. 31, 2024

A new patch the size of a BandAid could help bridge the gap between humans and machines—a possible real world Iron Man technology in the making.

illustration of dynamic phases of BCS superconductor interactions in a Cavity QED

Unveiling dynamic superconductivity

Jan. 30, 2024

As reported in a new Nature paper, the theory and experiment teams of JILA and NIST Fellows Ana Maria Rey and James Thompson, in collaboration with others, simulated superconductivity under such excited conditions using an atom-cavity system.

Cream swirls around a glass of iced coffee

What coffee with cream can teach us about quantum physics

Jan. 24, 2024

A new advancement in theoretical physics could, one day, help engineers develop new kinds of computer chips that might store information for long periods of time in very small objects.

atomic clock

A tale of two clocks: Advancing the precision of timekeeping

Jan. 18, 2024

Professor Jun Ye’s team, in collaboration with JILA and NIST Fellow James Thompson, has used a specific process known as spin squeezing to generate quantum entanglement, resulting in an enhancement in clock performance.

AI-generated image of Mickey Mouse robbing a steamboat at gunpoint

The mouse is out and running loose on AI

Jan. 9, 2024

Generative artificial intelligence tools and copyright law are intersecting in the 1928 “Steamboat Willie” cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse. Associate Professor Casey Fiesler, an expert in tech ethics, says it’s just the start.

JILA's three-dimensional quantum gas atomic clock

‘Tabletop’ physics experiments receive major funding, with Jun Ye leading key project

Dec. 14, 2023

In an exciting turn for physics research, four major foundations have announced a collaborative funding effort for 11 pioneering experiments. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Simons Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation have come together, committing a total of $30 million.

Earth from outer space

Center for National Security Initiatives formalizes partnership with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Dec. 13, 2023

CU Boulder and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have signed a master research agreement, broadening a partnership between the two institutions and opening new collaboration pathways.

an Apollonian circle packing puzzle laser cut from wood

CU students follow their noses, disprove math conjecture

Dec. 6, 2023

Graduate student Summer Haag and junior Clyde Kertzer made major news in the math world while working on a summer research project.

Colorful microscopic image of a regularly repeating pattern

‘Doughnut’ beams help physicists see incredibly small objects

Dec. 4, 2023

A new laser-based technique can create images of structures too tiny to view with traditional microscopes, and without damaging them. The approach could help scientists inspect nanoelectronics, including the semiconductors in computer chips.

Heusler Co2MnGa compound

Unlocking the secrets of spin with high-harmonic probes

Nov. 28, 2023

Reported in a new Science Advances paper, a JILA team and co-collaborators probed the spin dynamics within a special material known as a Heusler compound: a mixture of metals that behaves like a single magnetic material.