Denver skyline with Rocky Mountains in the background

Business filings show Colorado economy is firmly in recovery mode

Aug. 4, 2021

New business filings posted near-record gains in the second quarter, and––while unemployment in the state is still hovering above the national average––the report shows more Coloradans are employed or actively seeking jobs.

Kaushik Jayaram

Kaushik Jayaram discusses bio-inspired engineering

Aug. 4, 2021

Inspired by the natural world, Kaushik Jayaram's research group aims to develop robotic devices that benefit and enhance human capabilities in the areas of search and rescue, inspection and maintenance, personal assistance and environmental monitoring.

A person using a spray paint can

Particles from paints, pesticides can have deadly impact

July 30, 2021

Air pollution triggered by use of common chemicals and fuels may kill 10 times more people than previously recognized.

The aftermath of 2021 floods in Poudre Canyon.

How fire today will impact water tomorrow

July 29, 2021

In light of recent Colorado fires, floods and landslides, CU Boulder Today spoke with environmental experts Fernando Rosario-Ortiz and Ben Livneh about how fire may shape the future of water in the West.

Two fossils lay out on a table

Icy waters of 'Snowball Earth' may have spurred early organisms to grow bigger

July 28, 2021

A new study tackles one of the oldest questions in the history of the planet: How did living organisms get so big?

Aerial photo of a neighborhood

International research partnership aims to reduce residential energy consumption

July 27, 2021

Researchers at CU Boulder are working with colleagues in Ireland to help policymakers and other stakeholders reduce residential energy consumption and the related greenhouse gas emissions that come from it.

A clock

A blood test for your body clock? It’s on the horizon

July 27, 2021

CU Boulder sleep researchers have found it's possible to determine the timing of a person's internal biological clock via a single blood draw. Ultimately, the findings could lead to personalized recommendations for when people should eat, sleep, exercise and take medications.

Dean Scott Adler testifying at Congressional hearing

Scott Adler testifies at Congressional hearing

July 26, 2021

Graduate School Dean Scott Adler, a political scientist and scholar on the structure and performance of Congress, testified on July 20 before the House Select Committee on the modernization of Congress.

A photo showing a "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign (Image by Kait Herzog, via Unsplash)

State political maps are being redrawn with help of expert alumna

July 26, 2021

JulieMarie Shepherd Macklin, who holds a PhD from and teaches at CU Boulder, is helping Colorado redraw its political boundaries in a more equitable and democratic fashion.

Marcus Holzinger testifying before the U.S. Congress

Marcus Holzinger speaks to U.S. Senate on commercial use of space

July 26, 2021

Marcus Holzinger addressed the U.S. Congress, testifying recently before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Space and Science, about space situational awareness and space traffic management.