(Credit NASA)

Meteors help Martian clouds form

June 17, 2019

Researchers think they’ve solved the long-standing mystery of how Mars got all of its clouds.

Fallen African kingdom map

Maps of fallen kingdom shed light on Atlantic slave trade

June 17, 2019

New maps of a pre-colonial African kingdom may help provide context on the origins of slaves who departed from the Bight of Benin.

High school counselors in conference room

High school counselors visit campus to shrink rural Colorado achievement gap

June 13, 2019

Counselors and administrators from rural high schools across Colorado arrived at the CU Boulder campus Wednesday as part of a four-day program designed to increase enrollment of underrepresented students.

Women in East Africa look at a dead stalk of corn

Is climate change fueling civil war?

June 13, 2019

Droughts, floods, natural disasters—new research shows, without radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, one in four armed conflicts will result from climate change by century’s end.

Sunspots appear on the surface of Earth's sun.

The sun may have a dual personality, simulations suggest

June 11, 2019

A deep dive into the sun's interior provides new clues to the forces that govern that star's internal clock.

CU-STARs student volunteer helps child look through telescope

Inflatable planetarium lets Colorado kids explore the cosmos

June 11, 2019

The CU-STARs program brings an inflatable planetarium with cool technological effects across Colorado to help school children learn from college students about the wonders of the cosmos.

Prashant Nagpal

These nano-bugs eat CO2 and make eco-friendly fuel

June 11, 2019

Engineers have developed nanobio-hybrid organisms capable of producing a variety of plastics and fuels, a promising first step toward low-cost carbon sequestration and eco-friendly manufacturing for chemicals.

An artist's depiction of a superflare on an alien star.

Rare ‘superflares’ could one day threaten Earth

June 10, 2019

New research shows that the sun could experience a massive burst of energy called a superflare sometime in the next several thousand years.

Large boulders in a river

Large boulders help shape huge canyons, researchers find

June 10, 2019

CU Boulder geology graduate student research argues that boulders play a major role in the geologic evolution of river canyons across vast spans of time.

A family in Rwanda using a wood-burning cookstove as part of a large-scale delivery program

Engineers deliver water filters, cookstoves to improve health in Rwanda

June 3, 2019

A large-scale program to deliver water filters and portable biomass-burning cookstoves to Rwandan homes improved health among children, new research finds.