Group therapy session.

Queer Parenting Group

Aug. 25, 2016

Join the Human Resources Faculty & Staff Assistance Program as we challenge the sense of isolation that many LGBTQ+ parents face by providing information about parenting, offering support in this journey, and sharing experiences.Read more »
Faculty member giving a lecture to students

Senior Auditors in classes Monday

Aug. 18, 2016

The Senior Auditors program is back this fall and auditors will be in class the first week of school. Please note that auditors must receive permission to audit classes and will be requesting approval.Read more »
Cyclist on open road with sunset in the background

Summer health tips: The great outdoors

June 14, 2016

Summer brings plenty of opportunities to get outdoors, get some vitamin D and to stay active. Click through for some summer health tips.Read more »

Explore learning and wellness opportunities for employees

June 13, 2016

Registration is open for summer workshops and seminars with topics ranging from identity theft to realizing top talents. All offerings are free and open to CU-Boulder employees.Read more »

CPR, first aid certification course at The Rec June 25

May 31, 2016

This six-hour Standard CPR/first aid/AED course, open to CU students, faculty/staff and affiliates, meets the standards for current Red Cross emergency cardiovascular care guidelines. The course covers everything from burns and broken bones, to choking and heart attacks. This is an extended course that includes adult, infant and junior CPR... Read more »
 Student writing

Mind your mind: How to reclaim your worries and perform better

April 22, 2016

Between finals, internships, jobs, friends, relationships and finances you may have a lot to think about. But sometimes these worries can become overpowering, until we can’t even focus on doing what we have to do right now. The key may be in mindfulness. Learn more in this month’s issue of Student Health 101 online magazine.Read more »

Fitness for focus: How to power up your brain

April 15, 2016

Feel like you’re slogging through homework and studying? A break to get moving could be just what you need. Research shows that physical activity can boost our memory and concentration, make us quicker and more efficient, and even make us more accurate in our work. Find out which activities are best for brainstorming, problem-solving, and focusing in this month’s issue of Student Health 101 online magazine.Read more »
Skis set in the snow on a mountain slope

Pain or strain? Free consultation with a physical therapist

April 12, 2016

Wardenburg’s Musculoskeletal Injury Screening (MSK) Clinic offers screenings by a physical therapist for minor injuries involving muscles and joints. Recommendations for injury prevention, self-care, and referrals for additional care are provided. Common ailments include mild ankle and wrist sprains, tendinitis, shin splints or knee pain, and back, neck, or shoulder pain. Free for CU students.Read more »
 Woman holding a sign reading "I (de)stress by.... napping! zzzz

Healthy living: Managing stress

April 7, 2016

There is such thing as good stress and bad stress. Good stress motivates us to address problems, and do the tasks we need to. Bad stress can become toxic and we can respond by becoming immobilized or trying to escape. That can get in the way of getting things done, especially at this time of year. Click through for tips on managing stress from Wardenburg Health Service's Community Health division.Read more »

Healthy eating: Tips from CU-Boulder's own nutritionist

March 24, 2016

Why is CU-Boulder considered one of the best colleges for on-campus dining? In past generations, college dining had the reputation of being unhealthy, limited and not the best food. Today, the dining halls at CU-Boulder are wholly defying that reputation. Thanks to the efforts of Allison Smith and her coworkers in Housing and Dining Services, CU-Boulder students can rest assured that they always will have healthy, and good, food options on campus.Read more »