political agreement climate

Dems, GOP agree more than they think on climate change

July 2, 2018

A majority of Republicans, independents and Democrats said they believed in human-caused climate change and the utility of reducing greenhouse gases.

colorado ballot box

Coloradans distrust lawmakers, support Dreamers, survey shows

Jan. 25, 2018

Colorado residents overwhelmingly support Dreamers, firmly disapprove of Trump, and would likely elect a Democrat for U.S. Congress if a vote were held today, found a recent survey.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Colorado Law partners with international human rights organization, launches new master's degree

Dec. 7, 2017

The University of Colorado Law School and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights announced today a partnership establishing an advanced program of study in international human rights.

Professor Tiara Na'puti

CU Boulder professor testifies before U.N. committee on Guam

Oct. 4, 2017

Professor Tiara Na'puti, a member of the indigenous Chamorro people of Guam, testified before a United Nations committee this week calling for its help in hastening decolonization of the beleaguered island.

Neil Gorsuch sits at a courtroom bench. (Photo courtesy of Colorado Law.)

Trump's pick for Supreme Court a visiting professor at CU Boulder

Jan. 31, 2017

Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch has taught, advised and mentored law students on campus for eight years, supporting student success and the development of tomorrow’s leaders. Both of his parents graduated from Colorado Law in 1964.

News Corp instructor Jeff Browne discusses with the class the latest fact check piece published in The Denver Post

Journalism students fact check election for local media

Nov. 7, 2016

​In a contentious election year, journalism students at CU Boulder have partnered with local news outlets to keep the facts straight by publishing articles that challenge statements made by Colorado politicians and live fact checking major political debates.

people waving small American flags

New research lab to take Colorado's political pulse

Nov. 2, 2016

The newly created American Politics Research Lab, housed in the Department of Political Science, aims to involve undergraduate and graduate students in taking Colorado's political pulse every year. “This is the first year of what we hope will be an ongoing record of opinion on public affairs within the state,” said political scientist Scott Adler.

Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril addresses a room full of students

Ex-Libyan prime minister says technology won’t save the world

Sept. 15, 2016

Five years after the Arab Spring uprisings rocked the Middle East, former Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril offered University of Colorado Boulder students a front-row perspective on the protests’ genesis, their shortcomings and the lessons the world should absorb in the coming decades.

Like a professor, Supreme Court Justice slowly walks the aisles as she speaks to a packed Macky Auditorium.

SCOTUS’s Sotomayor addresses large crowds at CU Boulder event with message of perseverance

Sept. 3, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, appointed in 2009 as the first Hispanic member on the bench of the nation’s highest court, spoke of self-worth and determination to a crowd of nearly 1,800 at CU Boulder’s Macky Auditorium on Sept. 2. 

Two human fists, one painted blue with the Democratic donkey and the other red with the Republican elephant. face off knuckle-to-knuckle.

Like-minded discourse breeds extremism, research finds

Sept. 2, 2016

Those bemused by political prattle on Facebook or the flag-waving frenzy at both major parties’ national conventions should withhold judgment about citizens who become politically extreme, according to new research by Jessica Keating, a PhD candidate in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. The study examined how even short discussions among like-minded people can radicalize individuals, often without them knowing their attitudes have changed.