Chinook salmon released into Yukon River in Alaska, USA.

Researchers partner with Native Alaskan, Yukon communities to study climate impacts on rivers, fish

Sept. 17, 2019

Researchers at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) have been awarded $3 million to study the changing climate and rivers of Alaska and western Canada.

A close up of Saturn's rings

Think Saturn’s rings are old? Not so fast

Sept. 16, 2019

Scientists have reignited the debate over the age of Saturn’s rings, suggesting that the features may have formed early in the history of the solar system.

U.S. Passports

More than 700,000 citizenship applications backlogged as application wait times double, report finds

Sept. 13, 2019

People applying for U.S. citizenship have seen application wait times double since 2016, according to a new report prepared in part by University of Colorado Law School faculty and students.

Sunrise in the Indian Peaks Wilderness

Volcanic eruption may explain recent purple sunrises

Sept. 12, 2019

Photographers and others with a keen eye have noticed that sunrises and sunsets have become a lot more purple in the U.S. New measurements from a high-altitude balloon could explain why.

Picture of cardiac cells on a hydrogel

Mimicking the heart’s microenvironment

Sept. 11, 2019

Researchers have developed biomaterial-based “mimics” of heart tissues to measure patients’ responses to an aortic valve replacement procedure, offering new insight into the ways that cardiac tissue reshapes itself post-surgery.


A key ‘kill switch’ in a gene-regulating protein group

Sept. 9, 2019

A key regulatory process in a gene-suppressing protein group that could hold future applications for drug discovery and clinical treatment of diseases, including cancer.

Artist's impression of quantum cooled particles

CU Boulder lab works to bring quanta out of the cold

Sept. 4, 2019

Research on quantum states of matter could be conducted at room temperatures, thus facilitating cheaper and more widely available quantum technologies, research at CU Boulder suggests.

Child reads a book in the library

Turning trauma into learning in the classroom

Sept. 3, 2019

In a new book, education researcher Elizabeth Dutro lays out a road map for teachers to bring the difficult life experiences of their students into everyday classwork.

Woman sleeping in bed

Sleeping too much—or too little—boosts heart attack risk

Sept. 2, 2019

Even if you are a non-smoker who exercises and has no genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, skimping on sleep—or getting too much of it—can boost your risk of heart attack.


The mysterious genetics of bird migration

Aug. 29, 2019

A gene newly associated with the migratory patterns of golden-winged and blue-winged warblers could lend insight into the longstanding question of how birds migrate across such long distances.