Healthy Buffs is a series developed by Health and Wellness Services with tips and information on a variety of health topics important to the campus community.

Winter scenic at the University of Colorado Boulder. (Photo by Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado)

Managing mental health during traumatic events—recording available

Jan. 12, 2022

CU Boulder's Faculty and Staff Assistance Program and Office of Victim Assistance recently partnered in a discussion around the events of the Marshall Fire. Counselors addressed how to take care of oneself and others; trauma response and coping mechanisms; and resources at CU Boulder and beyond.

Students building a snowman on campus

5 things to do around Colorado this winter

Jan. 12, 2022

Whether you want to enjoy more time outside or shield yourself from the cold, there is something for everyone to do in and around Boulder this winter. Here are five ideas to get you started.

student writing in notebook

Mental health is setting goals

Jan. 10, 2022

Setting goals can help us articulate the things that are important to us and help us develop our strengths. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you set successful goals this year and into the future.

students walking on a snowy bridge on campus

5 insider tips for new Buffs

Jan. 6, 2022

New to CU Boulder? Here are a few insider tips to start your semester off right.

students sitting outside on campus

3 tips for better mental health in 2022

Jan. 3, 2022

For some of us, 2021 represented a return to normal in many ways. For others, it may have been another difficult year. Regardless of your experience, here are a few tips you can use to improve your mental health going into 2022.

Chip jumping in the snow

Tips for celebrating safely

Dec. 15, 2021

Ready to celebrate the end of a long semester? If you choose to drink or use other substances, here are some things to keep in mind.

students studying

Mental health is doing the best you can

Dec. 2, 2021

As our schedules fill up and we hunker down for finals week, self-care may be one of the last things on our minds. Regardless of what your finals look like this semester, here are a few tips to help you make it through the week.

Person laying down with dog at their feet.

5 small ways to treat yourself during finals week

Nov. 30, 2021

The end of the semester can be a stressful time, whether you’re studying for finals, gearing up for graduation or preparing to head home for break. Here are five small ways to treat yourself during finals week.

Student looking out over Boulder in the winter.

7 tips to beat the winter blues

Nov. 30, 2021

While Colorado is known for its 300 days of sunshine, winter months can make those sunny days shorter and less frequent. For some, this seasonal shift can impact our mood, energy and outlook. Here are some tips to help you beat the winter blues.

person writing on sticky notes

3 tips for overcoming setbacks this semester

Nov. 15, 2021

No matter what goal you set out to achieve, chances are you’ll encounter a few obstacles along the way. Here are some tips you can use to manage and overcome setbacks this semester.