Students talking

What’s in a word: New track explores the role of language in social life

April 14, 2021

Language is part of who we are and everything we do, but what we do has significantly changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chase Raymond, associate professor of linguistics, sheds some light on how linguistics applies to our everyday lives and how the way we communicate adapts to new challenges.

The Pacific Crest Trail

Junk food and big miles may not add up how ‘thru-hikers’ hope

April 6, 2021

A study by CU Boulder researchers suggests that thru-hiking, as on the Pacific Crest Trail, might decrease vascular health.

CU Boulder student Olivia Parsons getting a COVID-19 shot

Do COVID vaccines prevent transmission? CU Boulder kicks off national trial

March 29, 2021

CU Boulder was the first site to roll out a federally-funded study led by the COVID-19 Prevention Network at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Study leaders vaccinated 11 of the roughly 700 CU Boulder student volunteers who will ultimately participate.

Lab researcher works under a fume hood

How a ‘rag tag team’ of scientists joined forces to fight COVID-19 on campus

March 16, 2021

For nearly one year, a group of scientists and volunteers from across the university has met seven days a week, often sleeping just a few hours a night, to bring students back to campus safely.

A musician is videotaped while playing

7 lessons about coronavirus that CU Boulder scientists helped discover

March 15, 2021

CU Boulder researchers have led the way in understanding the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to reveal how the coronavirus spreads through tiny droplets, the importance of flattening “the mental health curve” and a lot more.

saliva testing on campus

2% of people carry 90% of COVID-19 virus, and roommates are safer than you think

March 15, 2021

New research finds that only one in five college students who tested positive for COVID-19 while living in residence halls infected their roommates.

Sona Dimidjian

Why a new bill that reshapes Colorado recovery support matters

March 11, 2021

Find out why CU Boulder is backing a new bill aimed at bolstering peer support services for those in need across the state. Sona Dimidjian, director and founding faculty fellow of the Renée Crown Wellness Institute, testified before legislators this week.

Two women hold up educational materials near a set of cash registers

Why working with gun retailers is critical in the fight against suicide

March 4, 2021

A nation-wide effort first launched in New Hampshire in 2009 is enlisting gun retailers in the fight against suicide. Researchers at CU Boulder want to learn how it's working and what can be done to make it work even better.

A woman at the computer with her baby on her lap

Why do men publish more papers than women? Motherhood plays key role

Feb. 25, 2021

In the years after female faculty members have children, their productivity––in terms of papers published––drops 20 percent. Male faculty see no such decline. Researchers say different roles in parenting are likely to blame and the gap could have long-term impacts on higher education.

A nurse gives a woman a vaccine shot in the shoulder.

If I get the shot, can I still get COVID-19? Answers to common vaccine questions

Feb. 24, 2021

As supply increases, so do questions about how the COVID-19 vaccines work and what they do and don’t do. We caught up with Professor Matt McQueen, director of epidemiology, for answers.