Navajo Nation sign that reads 'Turn around. Stay home'

US life expectancy still falling, Native Americans hardest hit

June 9, 2022

Life expectancy of Native Americans in the U.S. dropped by nearly five years during the COVID-19 pandemic, new research reveals. The study also found that while the rest of the developed world is rebounding in terms of life expectancy, the United States is not.

journalists taking notes

After a mass shooting: Examining the role of media coverage

May 31, 2022

Is news coverage inspiring more mass shootings? Not necessarily, but with each incident comes complicated questions for journalists, says CU Boulder Professor Elizabeth Skewes.

Beverly Kingston

Can we avert the next mass shooting? Yes, and here’s how

May 26, 2022

CU Boulder researcher Beverly Kingston discusses the recent uptick in school shootings, perpetrator indicators and behaviors, what we can do to stop such violence in schools and public spaces, and more.

Watering cannabis plants

What’s in your weed? The label doesn't tell you much, study suggests

May 19, 2022

A new CU Boulder study of nearly 90,000 samples across six states found cannabis labels don’t adequately reflect the underlying chemical makeup of products. The study authors are now calling for a weed labeling system.

illustration of DNA

Multiple diagnoses are the norm with mental illness; new genetic study explains why

May 10, 2022

A new genetic analysis, using data from hundreds of thousands of people, sheds light on why more than half of people diagnosed with one psychiatric disorder will be diagnosed with a second or third in their lifetime.

'Abortion is a right' sign at a rally in Pittsburgh

How the end of Roe v. Wade could shape women’s futures

May 5, 2022

In the wake of this week's leak about a private Supreme Court vote to strike down Roe v. Wade, CU Boulder sociologist Amanda Stevenson discusses how such a ruling could impact women's mortality and the way they live their lives.

aerial view of residential neighborhood

Researchers to explore link between women’s perspectives, resilient housing design

May 3, 2022

Engineers have studied disaster resilience in housing for decades—exploring and creating better solutions to keep people safe and in place after events like earthquakes. New research aims to take that work further by better incorporating the perspectives and attitudes of those living in impacted homes—particularly women.

Person walking their dog

Engineering study finds at least 9 pesticide chemicals near Boulder County homes

April 29, 2022

The air quality study, led by CU Boulder mechanical engineering doctoral candidate Aniya Khalili, aims to inspire the community to lead cleaner lifestyles and promote further research on pesticide exposure.

ESA astronaut Alex Gerst working on the International Space Station

Developing cancer treatments in space

April 22, 2022

CU Boulder is leading a $3.3 million project with the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and Mayo Clinic to advance stem cell research in low Earth orbit.


New software aims to speed, improve identification of DNA variations that lead to cancer

April 13, 2022

Researchers have been trying to quickly and accurately identify the parts of DNA that lead to genetic disorders such as cancer. A new software tool could improve that process and lead to the more tailored treatment and understanding of cancers from patient to patient.