CU-Boulder-led NASA mission to study Mars readies for blastoff

Nov. 15, 2013

A $671 million NASA mission to Mars being led by the University of Colorado Boulder is approaching its official countdown toward a planned Nov. 18 launch after a decade of rigorous work by faculty, professionals, staff and students.

Aviation Week names 7 CU-Boulder students among 20 national engineering leaders

Nov. 12, 2013

Seven CU-Boulder aerospace engineering students are among 20 top students who will be recognized Nov. 14 with a new national award honoring tomorrow’s engineering leaders sponsored by Penton’s Aviation Week in partnership with Raytheon. The “Twenty20s” awards honor the academic achievements and leadership of top engineering, math, science and technology students.

CU-Boulder ranks No. 1 in state for sending, receiving students internationally, says new report

Nov. 11, 2013

The University of Colorado Boulder enrolled more international students during the 2012-13 academic year and sent more students abroad during the 2011-12 academic year than any other higher education institution in Colorado. The data, released today by the Institute of International Education in its annual Open Doors Report, shows that CU-Boulder was home to 1,910 international students during the 2012-13 school year, up from 1,681 in 2011-12. CU-Boulder sent 1,330 students overseas during the 2011-12 school year, up from 1,316 in 2010-11.

Flood near Lyons

Communities should hit the ‘pause button’ following a disaster, CU-Boulder expert says

Nov. 8, 2013

One of the first steps people take toward rebuilding their communities after a flood, wildfire or other disaster may not be the right step, according to the director of the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado Boulder. “When a disaster happens, people feel pressure to rebuild things just as they were before, when in fact a disaster should be a time when there is a pause, when we ask ‘How can we build it back better than it was before?’ ” said center Director Kathleen Tierney, also a professor of sociology.

Diversity and Inclusion Summit at CU-Boulder aims to build ‘road map’ to diversity

Nov. 7, 2013

The 19th annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit will be held at the University of Colorado Boulder Nov. 13-14, featuring a variety of sessions for students, faculty, staff and community members. All events are free and open to the public.

CU psychologists to present resources for families struggling with behavioral concerns Nov. 13

Nov. 6, 2013

Families seeking information about childhood psychiatric and developmental disorders are invited to a community open house with experts from the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Colorado School of Medicine on Wednesday, Nov. 13, on the CU-Boulder campus. Experts will address emerging research on early onset bipolar disorder, prevention of schizophrenia, postpartum depression, attention and behavior disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. Each researcher also will describe their community services.

What you need to know about the CU-Boulder Diversity and Inclusion Summit Nov. 13-14

Nov. 4, 2013

The 19th annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit will be held at CU-Boulder Nov. 13-14. Alphonse Keasley, who has been involved with the summit since it began 19 years ago, says the Summit Planning Committee is using this year's summit to help the campus and community move toward a place that "exemplifies diversity, intercultural understanding and community engagement." Keasley discusses the summit in the following Q & A. >>

New study: Rising temperatures challenge Salt Lake City’s water supply

Nov. 1, 2013

In an example of the challenges water-strapped Western cities will face in a warming world, new research shows that every degree Fahrenheit of warming in the Salt Lake City region could mean a 1.8 to 6.5 percent drop in the annual flow of streams that provide water to the city.

7 CU-Boulder faculty and staff receive Fulbright awards for 2013-14

Oct. 30, 2013

Seven University of Colorado Boulder faculty and staff have received Fulbright grants to pursue research, teaching and training abroad during the 2013-14 academic year. One of their proposed projects involves research in India on the use of the tanbura -- a long-necked stringed instrument -- as an aid for developing musical perception and intonation. Another involves research and lecturing in the United Kingdom on the representation of violence in contemporary Irish and American fiction.

NASA mission led by CU-Boulder will be first to explore Martian upper atmosphere

Oct. 28, 2013

A NASA spacecraft that will examine the upper atmosphere of Mars in unprecedented detail is undergoing final preparations for a scheduled 1:28 p.m. EST Monday, Nov. 18 launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission, or MAVEN, led by the University of Colorado Boulder will examine specific processes on Mars that led to the loss of much of its atmosphere. Data and analysis could tell planetary scientists the history of climate change on the red planet and provide further information on planetary habitability.